Our philosophy is the way to health. We strive to give you guidance with our preventive approach emphasizing your responsibility for your own health together with our accountability for our work. And we do not "just teeth",

but you as a human.



Our modern clinic is situated in Královo Pole, on a well-known route, just eight tram stations from the main railway station.


You will find nice and friendly staff already at the reception and you will feel comfortable in the surgeries as well. A personal and friendly approach is of highest priority for us.


We have built the new clinic in 2014. Our technology we have selected for the surgeries is state-of-the-art and we keep up with the latest trends.




Dear clients,

we are a modern health care institute equipped with state-of-the-art technology providing complex care, both above the standard and the standard one. We want to be your guide on the way to healthy teeth empathetically. Our philosophy is to have balance between our responsible approach to work and the responsibility of the client.

In our clinic, we mainly pay attention to prevent caries and try to be as less invasive as possible. So, for instance, a starting caries is treated with ozone. The caries does not remineralize then, which means that the softened tooth "gets hard" again. And it is a nice treatment for the patient.
As to the aesthetic stomatology, we do special treatment: direct and indirect facets, whitening of teeth in the treatment room (surface whitening), home whitening so called waiting room whitening and inner whitening (whitening of a tooth that is darker separately). We make aesthetic inlays, onlays, overlays and invisible white fillings with modern materials and we are able to correct the shape of your teeth.

In endodontics, we use modern technology of root system preparation, definitive filling with warm gutta-percha and measuring the length of your root with Raypex apexlocator that replaces the x-ray treatment.
We also make preventive x-rays in children and adults diagnosing the first stage of caries. We use a new method of finding caries using the laser Diagnodent Pen. Preventive program for children (mainly for the ones who have higher formatin of caries) that consists of professional fluoridation and fissure sealing.

We also make very aesthetic dentures: crowns and metal-ceramic bridges, made of Inceram, a metal free ceramic system, as well as aesthetic removable replacement anchored with retracting connection. Furthermore, we do prosthetic work with Cerec. This appliance works on the principle of computer 3D modelling of prosthetic work and subsequent precise milling from a ceramic block. After the respective tooth is treated and formed into the necessary shape, three-dimensional model of the situation is made in computer using a special 3D camera. This digital model is then amended by the dentist using special software. The required crown is created by the mill with absolute precision. After milling the surface is polished or equipped with enamel and it is ready to be fixed in the mouth.. This way, the treatment is finished in just one visit at the dentist and the result is perfectly aesthetic.

In dental surgery and implantology, we perform painless treatment in local anaesthesia such as when inserting the implants. .

Periodontology and dental hygiene - we examine the periodontal state, indexes, professional tooth cleaning by the dental hygienist, and deep cleaning of periodontal pockets with curettes. We also perform plastic treatment of periodontium such as the coverage of exposed tooth necks. In case of any questions, please contact us at  mudr.kovarova@aldenta.cz